Sweet Carrot Pie and Chocolate Fudge

A friend was visiting from Melbourne, so I attempted to entertain her with my baking. My baking-related discoveries were three-fold. Sweet Carrot Pie is delectable, Chocolate Fudge is practically made of icing sugar, and “Pulled Taffy” is impossible.

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Chocolate Chip Biscuits (or Cookies) of Eventual Sisterly Photographic Congratulation

The biscuits were quite nice, if a bit dry and crumbly. The photograph, however, finally gained the approval of one of my sisters.

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Peach Lattice-Topped Pie of Delectability

I had seen this recipe in the book many times, but had been unsure of using it. Partially because we lacked the canned peaches, but partially because of the added requirement of making short pastry. As it turns out, I discovered that short pastry is a very enjoyable thing to do.

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